Values and Stance

"Give me a way out, not a hand out" - Xavier D. Ellis

Governor Candidate, Xavier Ellis, speaking in front of St. Landry Parish School Board.

As a governor candidate, I hold a strong stance against abortion, except in cases of incest and rape where I believe the victim’s mental health must be taken into consideration.


I also believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman, as male and female are respected under God. However, I do not support same-sex marriage.


In terms of welfare, I believe that government aid should be available during times of crisis, but ultimately, we must work towards realizing our true destiny by pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps.


Our top priority for the next 4 years should be updating Louisiana’s infrastructure, including bridges and roads, and creating outlets for our youth to ensure that Louisiana is a viable place to raise a family.


Additionally, mental health is a critical issue, and we must continue to bring programs into the state to address it. The mind is our most important asset, and protecting it is crucial in ensuring a highly skilled labor force.

  • Pay the Essential Workers like you pay the ENTERTAINERS.
  • Raise teachers’ pay to the southern average by my first two years in office.
  •  Make sure kids are graduating with skills that employers are looking for

  • Match teachers’ interest with committee roles

Health care
  • Patients should only pay only for the REAL TIME SERVICE done.
    •  If it’s 5 minutes in the ER visit for the diagnosis and prognosis, the patient should be discounted in conjunction with time spent in the ER and services performed.

  • Continue opening pathways for college kids to become health professionals.

  •  We must kill this IDEA of politicians needing to be lawyers, previous elected officials, or a poli sci major. God doesn’t call the qualified; He qualifies the call.

    • We all wear multi-hats and the position should go to the man or woman who has the most qualified CHARACTER for the JOB.

  • We must EMBRACE the educator to politician model that is as old as the world as a path forward for our state.

  • We must also check our candidates to see if they are BATTLE TESTED along with their VOTING CARDS.

    •  Has your choice on the BALLOT gone through any hardships in life? Or has their path to success been aided by their parents and privilege?

  •  Push for apprenticeships in ALL Arenas such as plumbers, carpenters, public servants, etc.
    • This will allow the youth to have a better idea of what they are going into as far as a career.

  • Trim the redundancy in city planning.
    • Instead of building another sandwich shack across from a current sandwich shop, city officials should be encouraged to bring the needs of the People Forward

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